Freshman English

XTU will teach you the basic of English language and how to apply it.

Freshman English program

Our Freshman English provides students with a foundation in English language and literature. In this program, students learn the fundamentals of grammar, writing, and critical thinking, while also studying a range of literary genres and periods. The program often includes courses in composition, creative writing, American literature, British literature, world literature, and literary theory. Students may also have the opportunity to specialize in areas such as journalism, technical writing, or rhetoric. Upon completion of the program, graduates are equipped with strong writing and analytical skills, which can prepare them for a variety of careers in fields such as education, publishing, media, and advertising.

Why You Should Learn Freshman English

Freshman English is an essential course for university students because it provides them with a strong foundation in critical thinking, reading, and writing skills. These skills are essential not only for academic success but also for success in the workforce. In Freshman English, students learn to read and analyze a variety of texts, including literature, essays, and research articles. They also learn to write clear and effective essays, which are essential for success in many university courses. Additionally, they learn to think critically about complex issues and ideas, which is a crucial skill for success in any field. Moreover, Freshman English provides students with an opportunity to develop their communication skills, both written and verbal. Communication skills are highly valued by employers, and proficiency in English can be a key asset in any career.

In conclusion, Freshman English is an essential course for university students because it provides them with a solid foundation in critical thinking, reading, and writing skills, which are essential for academic success and career readiness.

Course Description

Here is a sample course curriculum for a Freshman English program at a university level, including a sample syllabus for the program’s introductory course:

Freshman English Curriculum:

This course provides an introduction to college-level writing and critical thinking skills. Students will read and analyze various texts, and will produce written work in a variety of genres. Course topics may include:

  • Introduction to academic writing
  • Understanding rhetorical strategies
  • Developing research skills
  • Enhancing critical reading and thinking
  • Mastering grammar and syntax
  • Writing across genres (including essays, narratives, and argumentative texts)

Syllabus for Introduction to College Writing:

Course Overview:

  • Introduction to the course and its objectives
  • Overview of the writing process
  • Understanding the role of research in academic writing

Unit 1: Reading and Writing Strategies

  • Analyzing different types of texts
  • Developing critical reading and writing skills
  • Identifying rhetorical strategies
  • Understanding different writing genres (e.g. argumentative, persuasive, informative, narrative)
  • Developing strategies for writing in various genres
  • Developing research questions
  • Conducting research (e.g. using library resources, interviewing experts)
  • Integrating research into writing
  • Reviewing common grammar and syntax errors
  • Developing editing and proofreading skills


  • Writing assignments (e.g. essays, research papers, argumentative texts)
  • In-class participation and discussion
  • Mid-term and final exams

Note: This is just a sample course curriculum and syllabus, and may vary depending on the university and program.